Hello everybody, sorry I’ve been quiet for a while. I’ve been busy with general life and work!

It’s such a miserable Sunday morning, thought I would stay in bed and blog! ….

Youngest son stayed at his dads last night, oldest rolled in at 2 rather worse for wear, after a roller coaster of an evening watching England play…..perfect time for blogging!

I thought I would tell you the tale about my sex pest….

It was a Sunday morning, sun was shining, I felt pretty good, had been on a date the night before which had been very successful….he was a very handsome, smart articulate gentleman who had got the train through to meet me and I had shown him the sights of Saltburn. All had gone well and a second date was certainly on the cards…

I was happily browsing the Isles of Aldi …doing my weekly shop…when


I pulled my trolley to one side and parked it up, retrieved my glasses from the bottom of my bag, located my phone, and proceeded to read my message..

hi sexy, hope you don’t think it’s presumptuous of me, but how do you feel about me booking a hotel room for next Sat night?..’.

Now I’m no prude, but I was taken by surprise!……..I thought about how I should react…..shall I be offended, shall I take it as a joke, shall I say book the room!…..all sorts going through my head whilst studying the chicken………breasts or thighs?!

I responded erm….’lol, maybe our second date should be a meal somewhere?’….

‘Ok, meal on wednesday….save the weekend for sex, if you don’t fancy a hotel I could just bring a bottle and come to yours…wink wink’….

I think by this time my fellow shoppers could see I was visibly squirming, trying to manoeuvre my trolley, focus on the task in hand….and come up with suitable responses to these bizarre texts…

best way to deal with this I thought, is to act as if he’s joking….

ha ha, where do you fancy going to eat?’.

‘did you have the desire Sue?’…..

wtf?…….what do I say to that….at this point I’d spotted a guy from work….somebody who I’d often seen but never spoken to. We often glanced at each other and there did seem to be a little bit of mutual attraction….he was in biker leathers….humm never knew that about him! …..small basket, few items…..definitely single I thought…..

I couldn’t bring myself to look at him….I pretended I hadn’t seen him….these texts were making  me feel uncomfortable and exposed… head down, shopping task in hand….I continued my journey of Isle of Aldi!……all the while trying to think of how to respond to the last text….

….’I really enjoyed our date last night, but I would prefer to take things slowly…’……

…I added ‘lol’….trying to make it sound light hearted….

you have a great ass and bosom’ (yes he did use the word ‘bosom’), I want to see you naked..’

now enough is enough…..I was starting to get a bit angry……..  but couldn’t help myself from thinking ‘did he really?’……was I ‘body ready’ for this….it had been sometime since I was seen naked….bizarrely I started thinking about what I needed to do to prepare……then STOP…take control of this lady….how dare he make me feel like this…I was disappointed……it had all seemed to go so well….he was now starting to come across very sleazy and I needed to make things clear….

…..’ok, think i need to make things clear here Steve, I enjoyed your company last night, but really would like to take things slowly and see where it leads, have a think about where you fancy going to eat and get back in touch’………

…..silence, not a dicky bird from him for 36 hours!  Now maybe I should have just left it at that, but I felt I needed to have my say…….

‘look Steve, if sex is all you were interested in, you should have made that clear at the beginning, rather than waste my time and yours. I am going to delete your number and I would ask that you delete mine’..

…his response..

……’Ok deleted’…..






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