Sunny Sundays

Well,  it’s the beginning of a well earned week off work for me, weather is great, hope it stays this way!

Yesterday (Sunday) turned out to be one of those unexpected strange days………

My sister called me…’ do you fancy a coffee, we could walk into town’…….’yes that would be great’ I said. I was intending to pop to the shops for a few provisions anyway…….

Had told the boys I was cooking a ‘chicken dinner’ for later, and I wanted them to make sure they were there…..’it’s been ages since we’ve sat down together to eat, it’s important to me’….I insisted.

We strolled into town and popped into the supermarket, my sister needed a birthday card and some wrapping paper…..’Aren’t you going to get your chicken and stuff?’ she asked…..’no, I’ll get it on the way back’ I replied.

We approached our favourite coffee shop, the sun was shining and there were two little tables outside….a proper little sun trap……we decided to sit at one rather than go inside, after all we have to make the most of the sun!……

What coffee do you want’ she asked….erm…..we looked at each other…..and somehow, instead of saying a cappacino, mocha or latte…….the words ‘white wine!’ just flowed out of our mouths!

Two hours later and a second glass of wine consumed, we started our walk home, the chicken ‘and stuff’ had completely slipped my mind! Lost somewhere in the oblivion of white wine and the excitement of sunshine!

We made our way towards home…laughing and chatting away….turned into my sister’s street….One of our friends was out the front of her house ‘doing her plant pots’. We stopped and had a chat with her and her neighbours……

‘would you like a gin and tonic?’……we were asked by the very kind neighbour….’oooh that’ll be lovely’…

By this time our group had been joined by several more neighbours, my nieces and their boyfriends and any other folk who just happened to walk down the street!

After some time, the sun moved round and the front became a bit chilly…..’come on through to the back’….our generous host proposed……we all trooped through her home and came out in the sun drenched backyard! Chairs started appearing from nowhere, a very large jug of gin and tonic, complete with sliced lemons, other types of alcoholic Beveridges, snippets and some ‘takeaway chips’!…..dont know where they came from!

More revellers arrived and we all squeezed into the sun drenched back yard…..laughing, chatting….not a care in the world….it was a lovely sunny Sunday and we were all making the absolute most of it….

ping ping….’where are you Mum, we’re waiting for our chicken dinner!’……..


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