Well thank you all for checking out my blog!  I can’t believe I’ve gone global…..yes 3 readers in Ireland and 1 in Belgium!

I thought I would tell you about my journey into work this morning.  Both my sons have apprenticeships and today all three of us travelled together, me driving of course……I clearly have an endless supply of fuel!  My youngest was sat in the front and my eldest in the back.

The journey is mostly in silence……apart from the buzzy noise coming from my youngest sons earphones.  I complain to him that the noise is ‘far too loud’ and it ‘cant possibly be doing his hearing any good’.  He turns the volume down by a molecule.

‘by the way, I’m running out of data, I’ve only got 20% left for the rest of the month’.  ‘Why?’ I ask him………’cos I stream music’ was the answer.  I foolishly make a suggestion that maybe he should not do it so often, to which I get a look that implies that I am obviously too stupid to even discuss this topic any further.   We continue in silence….apart from the slightly more faint buzzy noise!

‘You’re in the wrong lane Mum’……..’I don’t feel comfortable behind this lorry Mum, you’re going to go in the back of it’…….strange that my sons, one of which has been driving 18 months and the other who is still learning and yet to take his test, feel obliged to ‘advise’ me on my driving techniques.  ‘At least we’ll all die together’ was a comment made this morning, as I was driving perfectly normally and carefully in the CORRECT lane!

First drop off made, youngest at his place of work, at last the buzzy noise has gone.  Eldest jumps over from the back seat to the front seat and promptly puts the radio on full blast!  I turn it down to a more reasonable level…..a deep sigh comes from the seat next to me.


‘I think there’s something wrong with my bank Mum’……I reply ‘why would you think that?’….’well I’ve got less money in than I should have’.

Here we go again, my eldest son and I have this same conversation several times a day!  Reassurance is what he’s after……’I just like to run things by you Mum, makes me feel better’.  I give the usual lecture about ‘living to your means’….not going out every weekend etc etc etc.

‘do you think you will be able to help me out Mum….like at the end of the month….like if I run short?’

I knew this was coming…….’I think there’s something wrong with my bank son’…..his response…..’Really? do you think it’s the same as whats wrong with mine?’……

‘Too Right’..I reply….’I’ve got less money in than I should have!!’



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