Well here I am at last!  Starting a blog is something that I have thought about a lot over the last few years.  Many friends and family have said so many times ‘ that’s so funny, you really should start a blog’!

‘that’s so funny’…….a statement often used to describe my everyday life!  I am a fiftyish, single mother of two boys, aged 20 and 18.  I work full time….really hard actually, and live alone with the boys.  

I am very single, but haven’t given up the hope of meeting ‘Mr. Right’………I did once have a Mr. Right, but he couldn’t sustain the title and unfortunately became Mr. Wrong quite rapidly…….I tell myself that I have to meet a few more ‘Mr. Wrong’s’  before the right Mr. Right comes along!  And Wow………have I met some Mr. Wrong’s!  ……the time when my blind date turned up in my tiny street in a Hummer……..the double denim guy………..the flash his cash but couldn’t be bothered to have a wash guy………the ‘I haven’t got the spark’ guy (Incidentally after third date, when it became apparent to him that I wasn’t going to jump into bed with him)………..we were out for a meal and I was curious to know when he actually lost the spark, before, during or after the food!!, I never got a reply to that!

As I am ‘blogging’ (sounds great!) ……my phone pings twice, yep my eldest son, he always messages then sends the kisses in a second message, hence ping ping!  We have our usual conversation about how little money he has to last him for the rest of the month……..he ends positive……saying he ‘needs to win a bet’!   …..then pings again, to say he cant afford to put a bet on!  

Well my first blog done!  I am really looking forward to doing this and hope anybody who finds their way here will enjoy reading about my ‘that’s so funny’ life!!

Bye for now x



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